Who are we

We are long-standing car enthusiasts, passionate about motorisation and vehicle mechanics. Our passion is perfectly reflected by our education and experience. The specificity of our business concerns strictly automatic transmissions. Not every user of such a transmission is aware of the fact that it is a very complicated and extremely precise device. All actions taken on the automatic transmission require specialist knowledge that we possess. We also continue to expand our knowledge in order to develop and grow. We noticed a gap in the offer of mechanical services from our region regarding this type of activity, so we decided to meet the needs of our clients.

The core of our business is service and repair of automatic transmissions of various types, brands and models of cars. We are also one of few businesses that repair antique gearboxes. We belong to ATSG (Automatic Transmission Service Group) and ATRA (Automatic Transmission Rebuilders Association), which are international associations of experts from the automatic transmission industry.

We work in a newly built facility. Our workshop is specially designed and perfectly adapted to provide service and repair of automatic transmissions. The equipment we have is modern, very professional and specialist, and carefully selected.

We welcome you to come!

Why you should trust us

To encourage our regular and future customers to use our services, we decided to present the strong values of our service:

  • Speed of execution

    The car left for the repair of the automatic transmission is ready for collection after the service has been completed in 3 days! However, a lot depends on the availability of the parts required for the repair of the automatic transmission as well as the complexity of the problem. In some (rare) cases, the repair time may take up to a week.

  • Modern equipment

    We have the most modern diagnostic testers for every type of automatic transmission. In addition, our workshop holds a complete novelty on the market, i.e. a dynamic oil change machine, due to which the efficiency of the transmission increases. In addition, the process of verification of damaged elements, as well as maintenance of the highest standards during assembly, is supported by an ultrasonic cleaner. In addition to these devices, we have a whole range of other necessary workshop facilities.

  • Service quality

    Not everyone, even the best mechanic in general automotive mechanics, will be able to successfully repair or diagnose a problem in an automatic transmission. Our company specializes only in this type of transmission, to be able to help our clients solve even the most complex problems and do it professionally. We are very thorough in our activities.

  • Attractive prices

    When a continuous cooperation with specific mechanical workshops is established, we offer them discounts. In the case of regular private customers, we guarantee discounts on subsequent service visits, e.g. during oil change or inspection.

  • Friendly customer service

    We have excellent customer service in our car workshop. Everyone is treated with an individual approach. Our main goal when performing any service is our Client’s satisfaction. Everyone is leaving us smiling.

  • Responsiveness

    In the event of a phone-reported malfunction of a car with an automatic transmission, we try to act immediately. We collaborate with roadside assistance services and assist in transporting the vehicle to our workshop (free transport within city limits in the case of comprehensive repair).

  • Professional advice

    We offer our Clients free consultations because we know that not every car user is an expert in the field of mechanics. We provide professional advice and suggestions for solving specific problems.

  • Security

    Each customer is thoroughly informed about the problem at the root of the inefficiency of their transmission and about the consequences that may result in its continued use without repair. In addition, parts required for carrying out the repairs are imported directly from the manufacturer (USA, Germany, the Netherlands).

  • Qualified staff

    All our employees are experienced mechanics specialising in automatic transmissions. We have adequate mechanical education, completed studies, field training. We are part of international groups of mechanics from the automatic transmission industry, such as ATRA and ATSG.