Automatic Transmissions

The automatic transmission is a very complicated device and its components are technologically very advanced. This transmission consists of several hundred small parts that must be of the highest quality and kept in perfect condition to ensure its proper functioning. In order to properly diagnose damage and subsequently repair the automatic transmission, you need to have specialized knowledge about its construction and operation, supported by practice and experience. This is the field of precision mechanics. Often, the automatic transmission is repaired by mechanics without adequate experience in this specialisation, which most often leads to worsening of the damage and an increase in the cost of repair or the need to replace it completely.

Advantages of automatic transmissions

The automatic transmission changes gears simultaneously with the change of the load of the vehicle’s engine. Therefore, it releases the driver from the obligation to change gears manually. Having an automatic transmission allows for a very smooth and comfortable ride. The transmission itself sets the gear ratio in relation to the engine speed, which allows cars with an automatic transmission to achieve greater mileage (because the engine is less exploited).

Cars with an automatic transmission are therefore:

  • Fast – modern designs provide an amazing speed of gear shifting, which even the most experienced driver cannot compete with.
  • Smooth – a driver with a manual transmission would have to feel the clutch perfectly to match the automatic cars.
  • Comfortable – they make life much easier, guaranteeing peace while driving, limiting drivers to adding gas or braking, without pressing the clutch, reducing gears before turning, etc. … again, complete peace.
  • Helpful in traffic jams – this is when the user can discover the real power hidden in the automatic transmission. No gear shifting, putting first gear on… We just release the brake and our car starts to move these few meters, press the brake again and wait
  •  Intelligent – modern transmissions are often available for specific models in various variants, e.g. “Sport” where the transmission turns up the engine revs or, for example, “Eco” for normal and economical driving, allowing to save fuel.

Other advantages worth mentioning include:

  • Comfort of movement.
  • No jerks when shifting gears.
  • No clutch pedal – only the right leg has to work.
  • Going uphill is easy – no need to apply the handbrake when standing uphill, because the car does not reverse, and after releasing the brake pedal it slowly drives forward. There is no fear that the engine will go out.
  • There is no need for frequent use of the gear lever.
  • Significantly increased driver concentration while driving – no need to focus on shifting the gear stick.
  • It is impossible to cause the engine to splatter.

Refuting the myth about the automatic transmission, it is necessary to bear in mind that when properly operated (driving technique, oil changes, regular inspections, etc.), automatic transmission is as durable as a properly operated manual transmission. It is also not more expensive to operate, because with high mileage, in the automatic transmission you need to change oil several times, while in the manual you need to additionally change clutch and, in many popular models, dual-mass wheel as well.

When discussing the advantages of automatic transmissions, their disadvantages should be mentioned as well. Their biggest and, for an ordinary car user, realistically the only drawback is the cost to be incurred when such a transmission breaks down. Repair or replacement costs are higher than for a manual transmission. There are various causes of defects, for example model was produced with a flow or the user of such a transmission did not properly care for it, did not change the oil on time, or improperly handled it, which is often the result of lack of knowledge. We, as specialists, are always happy to help and advise any user of an automatic transmission. If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to contact us.