Frequent malfunctions

Automatic transmissions, like any technical design, may encounter failures or have defects. Several models of transmissions with manufacturing defects have appeared on the market. Below we list some of them. Of course, they are by no means the rule.

  • ZF 6HP transmission – this is a popular “automat”, which was installed, among others, in Audi A6 and Audi A8, BMW 3 Series (E90), 5 Series (E60), 7 Series (E65) and Jaguar XF. In this model, the output shaft basket (6HP-19) cracks and the bearings (6HP-26) wear.
  • CVT transmission – an often wearing out chain (as well as drive belt and treadmill that it works on). Symptoms of wearing out may manifest in the form of jerks when starting or stopping the car.
  • Mitsubishi Pajero – V5A51 – cracking planetary gear.
  • Volvo AW 55 – 50SN transmission – the problems of burnt discs and glycol getting from the cooling system to the gear lubrication system often occur.
  • 01JCVT (Multitronic) – it’s a model of a variable transmission that has been installed since 2001. Often the chain damage (stretching, cracking, replacement together with the oil main) as well as problems with electronics (position sensor jack) may arise. Can be encountered in Audi models: A4, A5, A6, A7, A8.
  • Mercedes 722.7 and 722.8 – another variable transmission used in 1997-2004 and 2004-2012 in Mercedes A and B class. In the older version (.7), mechatronics and electronics malfunctions occurred (jack position sensor), while in the newer version, (.8) the drive belts break.
  • Aisin AF 40-6 (TF 80-SC) – this transmission was installed in 2005-2012 in: Alfa Romeo (159, Brera), Citroen (C4, C5), Peugeot (307, 407), Vauxhall (Astra, Vectra, Zafira), Volvo (S40, S60, XC60), and others. This transmission had a faulty hydraulic block, which was modified as many as seven times until 2007.
  • BorgWarner (DSG) – a dual-clutch transmission developed in 2003 by BorgWarner for the Volkswagen group. At first, problems with mechatronics and unstable flywheels arose. A defective mechatronics block (S-tronic) was also used in the Audi A4, A5 and Q5 cars from 2009-2010.
  • CD4E-FORD – a transmission installed in Mazda 626 and Ford Mondeo. The pump and the combination switch often malfunction.
  • ECTV variable transmission – we can find it in: Nissan Micra, Fiat Punto, Subaru Justy. The transmission is often damaged after reaching a mileage of about 100,000 km.